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Supporting all who live with a glycogen storage disorder

AGSD UK are a patient and family support group covering all Glycogen Storage Disorders (GSDs); metabolic conditions that disrupt normal glucose metabolism.

Glycogen is the body’s stored form of glucose (sugar) and the GSDs that we support fall into three main categories:
1.   Hepatic GSD where dysfunctional enzymes in the liver cause severe hypoglycaemia and many secondary complications.
2.   Neuromuscular GSD that gives rise to exercise intolerance as well as muscle and kidney damage, all brought about by poor metabolism of sugars in muscle fibres.
3.   Lysosomal GSD (Pompe Disease) that causes severe muscle wasting from an early age due to poor regulation of glycogen in muscle and nerve fibres.

The AGSD-UK supports the GSD community by providing peer support and through published information to help patients stay safe through good metabolic control and beneficial exercise.

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