Step-by-Step Guide

How to Have the Experience of a Lifetime

Kili Trek

Over 45,000 people have cycled, trekked, run, scaled mountains and taken part in horse riding, motorbike, camel and dog sledding challenges all over the world.  

They’ve had a life-changing experience while at the same time making a difference to the lives of others.  And you can too!  

Here’s our Step-by-Step Guide on how to have the experience of a lifetime: 

Step 1

Use the Challenge Finder to find your perfect challenge – there’s plenty of information and pictures to help you choose.

Step 2

Fundraise for one of the Charities listed or a Charity of Your Choice.

Step 3

Check out the Registration Fee and Minimum Sponsorship Target - get inspired with our Fundraising Ideas.

Step 4

Register for the challenge of a lifetime – don’t forget to read the Booking Conditions and Conditions of Entry first.

Step 5

Start fundraising & set up an on-line Fundraising page. You’ll receive loads of tried and tested ideas. 

Step 6Start planning your fitness programme with our helpful Training Tips. Why not sign up for a Training weekend?

Step 7Opt to join Facebook to start sharing tips on kit, training and fundraising.  It's also a great forum for photo sharing after the challenge.

Step 8

Come along to an Information Day. Meet your fellow challengers and hear more about the adventure ahead.

Step 9

Arrange your travel insurance and pay for airport taxes.  Start getting your kit ready with our Suggested Packing List.

Step 10

You’ve raised the funds and got fit.  Now you’re ready to set off on the adventure of a lifetime!