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We originated the concept of charity challenges in 1992. Since then we’re proud to have helped raise over £100 million for hundreds of charities large and small. This has proved to be a new source of charity income - funds that would not otherwise have been raised.

Some 65,000 people have cycled, trekked, run, scaled mountains and taken part in horse riding, motorbike, camel and dog sledding challenges all over the world.  They’ve had a life-changing experience while at the same time making a difference to charities like yours.  

Contact Gavin for a chat about how charity challenges can work for your charity - tel 020 7619 0066 or email   

Why charity challenges are so popular

Hundreds of charities large and small have raised much needed funds from charity challenges - here's why:

Raise More Funds

Charity challenges are still a hugely popular way to raise funds & you can net £1000+ per person.

Motivate Your Supporters

Activate existing supporters with an exciting event programme.

Expand Your Database

Attract new supporters with the experience of a lifetime.

Increase Awareness

Great PR opportunities to raise your charity’s profile.